Work safely. Work comfortably. Work in style.

With Samurai, the latest development in personal protection equipment.

Only for real Safety Warriors!

Only for real Safety Warriors!

Are you a real Safety Warrior? Someone who places high demands on himself and his colleagues? In that case, you will need personal protection equipment that is innovative, feels comfortable and looks stylish.For these Safety Warriors there is Samurai, a complete range of innovative products for the protection of hands, feet and body. They have been developed together with people who confront the battle for safety every day. And made by Samurai, the experts in safety.

Protection and comfort go hand in hand

Samurai's goal is to give you maximum protection in every situation. This can only be achieved when combined with the highest possible level of comfort. Samurai's combination of superlative protection and comfort has enabled it to evolve into a brand that is highly sought-after by tradespeople.

Samurai's prominence is due to its innovative approach to personal protection equipment. The products –for the protection of hands, feet and body –are manufactured from the latest materials, with the emphasis on technical performance and comfort.

The products fit comfortably, look stylish and remain remarkably affordable –particularly when compared to what the PPE industry has to offer.

For and by safety warriors

The development of the Samurai range is based on input and feedback from large numbers of professional users and safety officers on the workfloor.

Samurai welcomes the opinions of everyone who needs personal protection equipment in their day-to-day work. Our customers are therefore closely involved in the development of

Unique technology

The technology just gives Samurai® products that extra touch of comfort, increases the safety or the lifespan.

The second skin experience

Samurai® products are designed to provide the highest comfort to it’s wearer. Our ultimate challenge: to make you forget you are wearing Samurai®.

User Inspired

The development of the Samurai® range is based upon the opinions of professional users who need personal protection equipment in their day-to-day working environment. Together, we fight for safety.

Team Members

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